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Gulfshore Life Restaurant Reviews by Natalie Moore

Reviewed October 2006 by Natalie Moore

Sam-Bucco Bistro has achieved the yin and yang of the ideal Gulfshore restaurant, melding stylish surroundings and gracious service with a relaxed attitude that affords those who don't feel like getting dressed up the opportunity to still wine and dine well. Make that very, very well.

The restaurant takes its name from the chef/owner, who formerly ran the kitchen at La Fontanella in Bonita Springs. Sam-Bucco joins a growing corps of noteworthy Mediterranean eateries cropping up around the area, places such as Cin-Cin and Mille Sapore in Fort Myers. Sam-Bucco distinguishes itself through chef Bucco's surprising combinations of ingredients that turn out to be right on target.

Like so many restaurants these days, the bistro is situated within a shopping center, but you lose that sensibility immediately after stepping inside. A handsome and well-stocked bar sits right next to the door, adjoining a wine cellar. Plush banquettes line caramel-hued walls on three sides of the dining room. Three sets of double glass doors along the back wall open onto a lovely covered alfresco dining area.

The News Press Dining Review by Jean Le Boeuf

Review June 2006 by Jean Le Boeuf

Sam-Bucco Bistro may be a newcomer to the local dining scene, but its chef/owner, Sam Bucco, is not. Anyone who has eaten at La Fontanella in Bonita Springs over the years has no doubt savored his flavorful creations, dishes featuring some unlikely combinations of ingredients that somehow taste as if they were made for one another.

The chef struck out on his own about six months ago, opening his own restaurant just south of the Lee-Collier county line in the same complex as another impressive newcomer, Naples Tomato.

Sam-Bucco Bistro's ambiance is elegant, its service staff efficient and graceful, both lending polish to the Mediterranean menu. There's an inviting bar just inside the entrance with an attractive glass-enclosed wine vault adjoining it. Lighting is subtle, adding richness to the cream and caramel tones of the spacious dining room. Spotless white linen tablecloths cover each table and comfortable banquettes allow couples to dine side by side while taking in the scene.

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